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Personal Dental offers access to the First Dental Health ("FDH") network in California and the DenteMax network in Texas and nationally.
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Who is BEST Life?


BEST Life and Health Insurance Company (“BEST Life”) is the insurance carrier who underwrites Personal Dental, a series of association-sponsored dental plans designed for individuals and families. BEST Employers Association sponsors the Personal Dental plans, which are available for any association member to purchase.


About BEST Life
Headquartered in California with offices in Idaho, BEST Life is a financially stable, full-service insurance company serving 39 states.  BEST Life has been providing medical, dental, vision and life insurance since 1970.  We specialize in employer and association sponsored insurance, providing affordable benefits to employers and individuals like you.  Today we cover more than 82,300 lives nationally.

BEST Life has a legacy based on great service and quality insurance. Our dental plans provide coverage for more than 200 commonly used dental procedures. Our dedication to personal service and rapid claims payments are BEST Life trademarks.  Real people answer all of our calls right away and all our service departments provide direct access to an actual person, not to a recording.  While 10 days or longer are acceptable to pay a claim, we average less than 5 days. 

Personal Dental may only be sold by BEST Life appointed insurance agents.  To get appointed, speak with a Sales Representative by calling BEST Health Plans at 1-800-237-8543 Mondays through Fridays, 8am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time or submit an email with our Contact Form.  

About BEST Employers Association
BEST Employers Association (“BEA”) has served American businesses and their employees since 1970 and was founded to help businesses save money.  Through BEA, employers, employees and individuals may purchase insurance plans and take advantage of discount programs.  While membership in the association is available to anyone in the United States, insurance plans are only available for purchase to BEA members.  To learn about the discounts available through BEA, please visit www.beassoc.org.

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